When working on the launch of Saltwater Stone we were asked by the team for a few tips and advice to give to their clients to help improve their brand’s communications. Here are some thoughts on design, branding and being effective online:

Less is more. Effective design is clear cut and balanced, to help viewers focus on important information. Communicate don’t decorate.
Create a hierarchy. Create structure and order through size, colour and placement. Usually, items of most importance appear first.
Know who you are. The answer must be short and clear. And therefore memorable. No matter how complex the reality is, a brand must be immediately graspable if it is to have real power. And it still needs to be true.
Review your brand. Review, evaluate, strategise and steer as your brand grows and expands.
Improve the user experience. Concentrate on the user interface: ensure easy navigation; reduce the number of clicks; focus on core information.
Get mobile. Embrace tablets and smartphones. Use ‘responsive’ technology to make sure your digital presence is visible across all online platforms.
Be more social. Ensure your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube profiles are all visible and easily accessible.
Take an analytical approach. Understand the behaviour of visitors to your site. Leverage tracking, monitoring and analysis tool.

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