SWS_case_study_Inmarsat_FXAs part of Saltwater Stone (see the Going Full-Service post from June) our design team was recommended to Inmarsat’s maritime marketing team to create marketing content and assets for the launch of the Fleet Xpress service.

Design and produce a marketing tool kit for channel partners and direct end user campaigns.

Primary: Global partner network.
End users: Global maritime markets.

• Key ‘hero’ visual
• Supporting imagery – set of custom icons to visually interpret main value propositions
• Full and fractional page multi-language print advert
• Digital advertising
• Advert adapts for 2016-17 media campaign
• Event banner
• Email footer
• Brochure
• Key principles guidelines for use of value propositions icons
• Inmarsat website homepage takeover
• Inmarsat website re-write of existing Fleet Xpress page

A comprehensive brief and extensive background information presented by the maritime marketing team allowed our designers to explore various creative approaches at the visual positioning stage of the project.

The complex and technically innovative service required a level of visualisation to communicate the features and benefits across every touchpoint of the Inmarsat brand with clarity and simplicity. The additional element of multiple platforms required a graphic treatment that was both scalable and optimised for use in digital and print contexts.

Saltwater Stone collaborated closely with the Inmarsat marketing team throughout the creative process. The goal was to convey simplicity and modernity, while preserving the company’s heritage and enormous brand equity.

Additionally, the client required a creative approach that reflected the innovation of Fleet Xpress, help position Inmarsat as a forward-thinking company as well as challenge the accepted standard in maritime communications marketing.

To create the new hero visual the designers isolated the key elements that make up the service in their purest forms; sea, ship and digital data (binary code). The crisp graphic look clearly expresses the connectivity Fleet Xpress delivers at ship level.

A custom set of icons was developed in support of the key visual to help communicate the benefits and values effectively and concisely in all media.

These tools follow the distinctive Inmarsat colour palette and typographic system and when combined enable the creation of a flexible yet consistent visual system to express a wide range of messages.

The resultant graphic elements were rolled out across all required deliverables and applications to produce a distinct visual identity for Fleet Xpress that works seamlessly across all print and digital platforms, at any scale without loss of impact or clarity.

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