Our successful collaboration with Saltwater, the leading maritime PR, marketing and advertising agency, has grown over the last couple of years and in early June Saltwater rebranded to become Saltwater Stone, a modern day full-service communications agency working in the commercial, recreational and superyacht maritime markets.

Whilst we continue to operate as an independent design studio, as Stone Design, joining forces with Saltwater to become Saltwater Stone gives us access to a whole new pool of talent and skills meaning we can now offer a more complete marketing communications package to both existing and new clients alike.

We now have the capability to handle all aspects of the advertising process, including planning, design, production and placement, as well as other aspects of marketing communications, such as public and media relations, social media, editorial content, digital and direct marketing.

And in return Saltwater has an in-house design and branding studio with an enviable track record and over twenty years experience, much of it in the maritime sector.

To see what this all looks like visit www.saltwater-stone.com

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