SS_websiteFor years now we’ve worked for many a company in the leisure and commercial shipping markets; from boat builders to satellite communications to offshore oil and gas.

In 2014 we were introduced to maritime industry stalwarts, Saltwater Communications, and liking the cut of our jib they’ve kept us in marine projects ever since. And as the workload piled up it became obvious the next step was to splice the mainbrace and launch the good ship Saltwater Stone for all things ship-shape and Bristol fashion in maritime communications.

This shiny new partnership mixes our forward thinking yet highly crafted design chops and all round marketing savvy with Saltwater’s worldwide PR and media reach, outstanding strategic planning and engagement to create a copper-bottomed maritime creative agency.

And so its anchors aweigh! If you’re ready to push the boat out then why not come aboard: email us at hello@saltwaterstone.co.uk or visit the website here.

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