Reports of the imminent demise of print are wide of the mark. Our latest studio emailer is about the printed word in a digital age and how, as we swim through an electronic deluge each day, it holds fast against the tide. Whether a brochure, folder or business card, print shows your commitment to and just how much you value your customers.

The printed word reassures; it feels good to hold a quality crafted paper and appreciate the finish of a finely embossed foiled logo. A bespoke well designed piece of print stays around far longer than words on a glowing screen ever will, it has substance and heft. In other words, it makes the person reading it feel you’ve taken real time and effort to engage with them. This is the persuasiveness of quality.

But it’s also a necessity of advertising that must pay its way. And the more vital the need of returns from your printed matter, the greater the necessity that is possesses such quality.

In truth you are only producing one piece of print as that is all your customer will see. You may print many thousands of copies but the only one that matters is the one brochure they hold in their hand; they do not know, nor do they care anything at all about the expenses, difficulties or printing problems involved. They only know that in their hands is a brochure. One brochure. They are either impressed or unimpressed. In that copy is your opportunity. You have to make that one copy rise to it.

If you have something to say let’s put it down on paper. To talk print design, or indeed any kind of design, we’d love to hear from you: email call +44 (0)1425 480070 or visit our website here.

Inspired by and with thanks to G. F. Smith, 1929.

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