High Lea logo

High Lea Farm called us in to rebrand their butchery and tell the world all about its  honest to goodness, home grown, down on the farm food.

Located deep in the Dorset countryside the farm butchery’s existing identity needed stripping back to its essential parts and rebuilding to give a more authentic, honest feel. We wanted wholesome design for wholesome food.

And while we had the opportunity, we used the new identity to make more of the fact the butchery sells its own home-reared meats. We also wanted the branding to cross promote and build links with the other businesses on the Gaunts Estate; Honeybrook Family Farm serves High Lea Butchers’ meats and produce in its cafes and restaurant.

The new logo retains the bull’s head from the original signs but takes the look in a more rustic, austere direction harking back to traditional farm yard signs and stencilling. The final logo is a simple, one-colour design which can easily be scaled to fit not only the smallest packaging label but which will look equally good on a food truck, and all the way up to being painted on the side of a barn.

With the addition of a muted colour palette of bloods and bones the overall look and feel not only represents the good ol’ butcher we all wished still existed in every village high street but, hopefully, appeals to those fed up with the slick and sanitised approach to butchery our supermarkets support, and who yearn for something a little more real both in experience and taste.

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