SD_emailer_Nov2014_section_2.1Our latest self-promotion looks at the way businesses and organisations now have to engage with their customers both online and off – and how content is the key to keeping the conversation going. Our illustration looks at all the many services we now offer to help brands tell their story in an ever changing world.

As we all jump from online to offline and back again without a thought, brands must do the same, telling their story and engaging with new and old customers alike, no matter where they are.

What brands say must now be of more value than ever. Its no longer good enough to just shout about how great you are, you must engage, inform, share, educate, answer problems and generally prove indispensable to customers.

And you can be sure if your brand doesn’t plant a flag online and tell your story the way you want it told, then someone else surely will and this may not be in a good way.

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