We’re pleased to announce that 10% of all sales of Greyhound / Whippet prints and tees  at will be donated to the animal charity of your choice.

PRINT_longdog TSHIRT_FoL_greyhound_wht
We’re mad keen on sighthounds in the studio so we just had to design some products to celebrate our love of these elegant, graceful breeds. The prints are available from A3 to A0 size, on poster paper, fine art paper or unstretched canvas.

We’ve welcomed 5 rescue sighthounds into our lives over the years; currently we have Sola, a Lurcher (Greyhound / Collie); Lily, a Long Dog (Greyhound / Borzoi); and Flea, a Greyhound.

StudioDogsSola top, Flea right, Lily bottom, sharing a bed at the studio while watching the squirrels.

They are all rescue dogs who came to us with various physical or psychological challenges and special needs. They had been living on the streets or had been with families who couldn’t care for them in the way they’d like. With time and our love, care and patience they have grown in confidence and are living full, happy lives. Sighthounds are sensitive souls, very keen on human interaction, warmth and comfort (they are renowned sofa-stealers!), and they make the most wonderful companions.

But without the shelter that first rescued them from the ‘put to sleep’ list, or took them in when the owners couldn’t handle them anymore, our dogs would never have had a chance at life, and we’d never have been blessed with them. So that’s why we donate.

Shelters are particularly stretched at this time of year and knowing how much our local charities depend on donations, we’d like to help out not just in our area, but in yours, too. So whether you’re ordering from the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe or anywhere in the world, in fact, let us know which animal charity you’d like us to donate to on your behalf.

Leave the name of the charity and a link to the donation page of their website in the ‘Add a note’ box at checkout. Please note we donate 10% of the item(s) price. Please share this with all of your animal loving friends and let’s raise lots of money for animal charities across the world.

Thank you from all of us at the studio, including Sola, Lily and Flea!

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