As social media shouts ever louder, and we rely increasingly on mobile devices your website cannot remain an island. It must integrate, be accessible & fit seamlessly into our socially connected digital lives to work tirelessly in support of your brand.

Stone Design Shop

The newly launched Stone Design shop not only stocks some of our favourite art prints and graphic tees but was a breeze to build, thanks to a hosted ecommerce platform,and keeps us up-to-date across all our social media channels with a single click.

Stone Design Shop

So if you’re feeling socially awkward get in touch to see how easy it is to feel at home online. And you can now buy our new designs at our ecommerce store here

We’ve also included a ecommerce widget into our lemon-T facebook page, which is getting lots of ‘Likes’ and attention. Say what you like abut Facebook but it does really help support your online presence and is pretty simple to set up and run.

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